Tax compliance service

At Heather & Co Ltd, we recognise that HM Revenue & Customs are increasingly conducting random investigations, aspect enquiries and disputes into personal and corporate tax returns and therefore we offer all our clients a Tax Compliance Service.

What is a Tax Compliance Service?

It is a service that will pay the additional professional fees that are incurred during an investigation, aspect enquiry or dispute by HM Revenue & Customs. Therefore, all our clients have to worry about is paying any additional tax due.

Aspect Enquiries extension

With these types of enquiries on the increase, we offer representation against aspect enquiries. An aspect enquiry is an enquiry by HM Revenue & Customs into a specific area/areas of your tax return, without the request for sight of all books and records.

Directors & Partners extension

Directors and Partners are covered for investigations, aspect enquiries and disputes into their own tax returns without the business being investigated. However for them to be covered, we must act as tax return agents for the Director or Partner and the tax return must be a personal one. Cover for Directors & Partners is included in the cover for the Limited Company or Partnership.

Business Support Helpline

Through our Tax Compliance Service, businesses will have access to a Business Support Helpline. The Helpline is renowned for the level of expertise and support that it provides to all types and size of business. The consultants who man the Helpline are recruited for their ability to draw on their own specialist knowledge and experience to provide tailored, practical, realistic solutions. They all have many years’ experience, which they have gained in different industry backgrounds.

The Helpline offers advice in the following areas:

  • Employment Law
  • Health & Safety
  • Commercial Legal

The Helpline forms part of the Tax Compliance Service.

The Fee Protection scheme we use is Premier Proctention from CCH. CCH are the market leaders in Fee Protection and have over 20 years experience.

How do you Join?

Please contact Steven Heather on 01483-568082 or email us at with any queries or for details on how to join our TaxSafe service.

How does the service work in Practice?

Small family run-restaurant

The enquiry ran for four years, The Inspector was adamant that sales had been understated but the only additions were minor and in respect of private use adjustments. Final accountancy fees required to provide the right level of representation were just over £7,000.

Small family-run building firm

A VAT dispute which concerned the businesses VAT registration. The case was decided in the client’s favour and over £30,000 of VAT was saved. The costs incurred in representing the client were approximately £8,500 over a three-year period.

Sole Trader Landscape Gardener

HM Revenue & Customs claimed the gardener had understated his sales. The investigation ran for three years with fees approximately £7,000 being incurred to prove that the sales were not understated.

Medium sized retail firm

The enquiry ran for 18 months and the firm incurred just under £10,000 in accountancy fees as a result. Following the enquiry, all the company had to pay was a further £200 in tax.

Client Tax Compliance

Fee Protection

An enquiry by HMRC can be a serious disruption to business and may take a long time to resolve. We offer a Tax Compliance Service for our clients that will cover our fees to ensure the best possible outcome for them should they be unfortunate enough to receive either a FULL or an ASPECT enquiry.

We recommend our clients to take this service, but please view our video and judge for yourself.

Our business clients will also have access to one of the UK's premier Business Support Helplines which could save a great deal of time and money by providing guidance in the areas of Company Law, Employment Law, Landlord & Tenant and Health & Safety - At no extra cost!

Please let me know if you would like to join by clicking here.